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How Much Is Too Much?

One of my pet peeves, since I am on digest on most of my newslists, is a signature that is longer than the posted content. I've always been told that three lines is an optimal max, though you can stretch that to four if you absolutely must. But there is one fellow on one list (I will not be so crass as to name names) whose signature runs a good three to five inches in length. I think it must cover everything he has ever written in his life. Sometimes I think that this guy answers posts just to get the sig up there again.

Sometimes it is hard to pick and choose what to put in the sig -- on Yahoo, I have my name, a link to this blog, a link to my website for Bruce and Roxanne, and a link to my main website. That is pushing it with four lines, and doesn't leave room for any book promo, but I am still thinking on that, and while I do, at least they can find me.  On Outlook, my sig is my name, a link to my Facebook fan page, and a link to this blog.

Do I want to blow my horn louder? Sometimes. But I know how irritating an extended sig can be, and force myself to stay brief. Am I overreacting? Does it bother anyone else when a signature takes over your email? Maybe I am just cranky today...


Dec. 23rd, 2008 09:01 pm (UTC)
That's one of my pet peeves as well. Generally if I use a signature I just post a link to my web site. If they want to find out more about me - including where I hang out on Facebook and other social networks - it's all there.

Then there are those corporate legal disclaimers that have about as much force as a wet tissue. At least in those situations I know the sender generally gets forced into it.

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