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I decided I would try something for the coming year. Each week, preferably on the same day -- so I guess on Sunday. :) -- I will share a review of a movie and book (or more) that I think you would like. Nothing incredibly deep or anything as far as criticism, but just a heads up for cool culture.

Today, being as it is still a holiday time of year, and ruled by the little ones (whether your personal kiddos or not) I would like to share some thoughts on a lovely book that I think any lover of fantasy, dreamer, parent, aunt, etc. should read -- children optional, but I am looking forward to reading it to my niece some day -- and that is Laurel Snyder's Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains.

This charming book, with its lovely, whimsical drawings, tells the story of Lucy, a milkmaid, and her best friend Wynston, a prince. When Lucy decides to travel alone up the Scratchy Mountains to find out more about her mother, she bites off more than she bargained for. With only a cow and a prairie dog for company, her determination takes her to the top, but what she finds there isn't what she expected. Wynston, worried about his headstrong playmate, follows her up along an alternate path, and arrives just in time to prove that two heads CAN be better than one about figuring things out. No spoilers here -- go and read this delightful story for yourself!

On the film front, in keeping with the lightness of the season, we saw Hot Fuzz Christmas Day. It is from the warped minds that gave us Shaun of the Dead (best Zombie movie ever). Simon Pegg is a hot shot cop in London -- so over-the-top great at his job that the brass send him to a sleepy little village in the country to get rid of him. Little do they know that chaos is about to ensue. Suddenly, people start dropping like flies, and right before the judging for the Model Village competition! It is up to Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Pegg) to save the day -- with the help of the not-too-happy-to-be-shown-up-either local constabulary. There was actually a great deal more depth to the plot of this film than I expected. It is worth the watching to see Timothy Dalton chew the scenery as the local store manager, and Jim Broadbent as the local inspector. It is really fun for when you are in the mood for farce.

So, there are your RieViews for the week. :)
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Jan. 7th, 2009 09:02 pm (UTC)
Re: Laurel Snyder
I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it! And I do want to read the others, but I haven't gotten around to it yet...

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