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ConDFW Report

It was a blast of a weekend. Best energy I've felt in a while. :)

I got to the hotel Friday with plenty of time to spare -- better than the last con, when I hit the hotel 15 mins. before my first panel.

That first panel was a lot of fun. I was a member of the team explaining the alien artifacts recently unearthed on a derelict space hulk. I think most of them wound up being sex toys of some type. There was going to be a panel on Sunday where another group of "experts" would debunk us, but I had to leave before I got to hear what they said.

The rest of the day was spent on catching up with friends. That's one of the best parts of a convention, seeing the other writers and finding out what irons are in everyone's fire.

Friday night was a different take on the usual Yard Dog Road Show, with the authors putting on an impromptu performance of one of the murder mystery games carried by the press. It was a blast and a half. The highlight was Bill Ledbetter's Tinkerbelle...though Chris Donahue's Goofy was also a tour de force. I was one of the detectives trying to solve the case, and it was a tricky one, but my "partner" Mel Fletcher and I were pleased that we were among the group who guessed the correct villain in the end.

Saturday morning, I was on a panel with my friends Martha Wells and Lee Martindale, as well as the inestimable Steven Brust and a lovely lady whose name I don't remember at the moment (and I feel terrible about that...*blush*) The panel was about the importance of a good first line/beginning, and was very well attended for a 10 AM panel. We had a lot of good interaction from the audience, and I believe a good time was had by all.

My reading at one tag teaming with Shanna Swendon went exceptionally well. The audience was larger than most readings I have done (I credit Shanna) and they seemed to enjoy the offered pieces.

My last scheduled event of Saturday was the three o'clock filk panel led by Joseph Abbott. I was really honored to be sharing the panel with such renowned filkers as Joe and Teresa Patterson. I managed to sing in public -- which is always traumatic for me...lol. We had an appreciative audience, many of whom were also filkers -- like Casey Sledge -- as well as some total neophytes. I hope everyone came away with something new.

Most of the rest of Saturday was spent wandering in and out of the Dealers' Room. I had an opportunity to spend some time chatting with one of my favorite artists, James O'Barr, and my head was in the clouds for the rest of the day. I picked up several new items for my Crow collection, as well as some good advice and a tip about a new expo to check out in a couple of weeks.

I made the rounds of some of the parties Saturday night, but wimped out pretty early due to sheer exhaustion. I had a bit of a broken night's sleep due to a family semi-emergency, but everything worked out in the end, and I got to stay for my signing on Sunday.

Although I didn't sell a lot of books at the signing, I did have a lot of fun chatting with the lovely ladies I was sharing the table with, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Then it was on the road for the long drive home. There were many more little highlights over the weekend, but those were the big things. I came home pumped to work -- which is one of the best things about a con. :)


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