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As promised...

....trying to do better about posting. :)

Settled down last night to sleep, and suddenly the room exploded with thundering feet and needle-claws diving over our heads. I don't know what she was chasing -- but I think it had wings -- but Elf was in deep disgrace this morning. Ah, wildlife!

Making it a little hard to get moving this morning, but I am working on Chapter 5 of my rewrite today, and too excited to let it get me down for long. I really am pumped up by the way that this work is going. I sometimes wonder if it is worth it to be rewriting an old work, but I have learned SO much since it was published that I really feel it is almost a new book. And I am learning a lot about world-building that I should have learned before it was submitted the first time. ;)

I am also getting excited about the project I plan to take to my writers group after this one. It is another piece that has been kicking around for decades, and I know there are people who wonder if it will ever see the light of day...

The pump is primed. Ready to go to work now. See y'all later!

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