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I didn't want to have to type it again, so here is the con report I posted on Facebook:

Friday afternoon started out with a stint behind the registration table helping to get the badges ready. (I was so early the participant packets weren't even ready, so I needed something to do.)

As soon as the dealer's room opened to dealers, I went in to see if I could find some kind soul to crib the corner of a table from, and there had been a cancellation which made a whole table available for snapping up. Of course, this cut down on my time wandering around the rest of the con, but on the other hand, I sold more books in one weekend than I have in ages, so it was worth it. :) Plus, I got to sit and chat with Gloria Oliver most of the weekend, as her table was right beside mine.

My first panel was "How Did You Think of That?" and it was very well attended for a Friday afternoon panel. We had a lot of interaction and questions from the audience. And Josh Rountree mentioned a plot bunny that resulted in my first new short story in months.

After the panel, back to dealers room. When that closed down, it was off to Opening Ceremonies. Scott Cupp's Toastmaster speech was very nice. Enjoyed all the guests' speeches, as a matter of fact.

The traditional "Meet the Pros" mixer was a lot of fun. It gets easier every year to mingle and chat. I think that Facebook has been a factor there--it's hard to be shy when you have been sending someone fish or fighting in their Mafia. :) Had many lovely conversations. The highlight of the event was when Michael Moorcock dropped in and presented Howard Waldrop with the Jack Trevor prize.

Saturday morning in to the dealers' room. The highlight of the day was when a gentleman came by and picked up one of my poetry books and started skimming through it. He wound up buying it saying he hadn't bought any poetry in thirty years, but he thought the poems in the book were excellent and worth rereading. It's hard to get appreciation for poetry. I was over the moon for the rest of the weekend. :)

Didn't sign anything at my signing, but still had a lot of fun chatting with Matthew Bey.

Our panel on "Humor in SF/F" that night was really great. Rhonda Eudaly wore her vorpal bunny slippers as moderator. We discussed why A. Lee Martinez hates to be called a humor writer, and I promised not to embarrass him by talking about how great his books are when he is around...but he's not here, and they are!

Made a quick round of the parties with Gloria and her daughter Drew. Really glad to see that AggieCon is enthusiastically planning next year's convention. Hope to get back there after two years absence.

Sunday panel was "Creating a History", and despite a lack of caffeine, it was a really fun panel. Other panelists were Sharon Shinn, Ann Aguirre, Patrice Sarath, and Taylor Anderson. It was interesting to see that most of the panelists advocated the create details as needed school of thought. Made me feel much better about it, because that is the style I tend to follow. :)

Couple of sales at the table -- total of seven books...and two copies of my Yarddog chapbook over at Edge Books. Doesn't sound like a lot when you compare it to some people, but for me AWESOME sales. ;)

Reading at 2:00 was attended by my friends Todd and Sam -- with a couple of latecomers drifting in. I tried my new short story out on the guys before the gentleman with the young child got back, and it went over with exactly the reaction I wanted -- so I feel pretty good about submitting it to Strange Horizons... Also read part of a chapter from my newly finished rewrite. Very pleased with it in general.

Stayed to hear Nancy Jane Moore read part of a short story...which I have forgotten the name of, but really enjoyed.

Back to close up the dealers' table, and home with a bag full of books to read. All in all, a great con!

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