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Reality Bites

It's been a very slow year for me profit-wise. Although I have been working my butt off writing, that writing hasn't shown a return yet, and the old stuff is...well, old. Without finding a new bunch of people to tap, most of the sales I am going to make have already been made. So...it's coming down to the mat. Looks like I will probably have to cut back to the bone on next year's (and probably the year after's) conventions unless I can luck into some way to pay for them.

This is one of those situations with no good end. If you go to the conventions, you have to a) pay your own expenses or b) get them paid for you. A. is fine if you have disposable income -- and the return is well worth it, in my opinion...but if you DON'T have that cash to spare, then it is rare that you make it back as an individual writer. (Or often even as a small publisher.) B. is great -- but paid gigs are rare until you have a reputation built up that makes you a viable Guest of Honor or Toastmaster or some other titular guest, and it is even rarer that a small press only writer has that kind of chops.

NOT going to the conventions means you aren't meeting your fans, or editors and publishers who might be looking for just what you have to offer. It takes your name off the stage and puts it on the back burner. They may remember you when you crawl out of "retirement", but it is going to require a lot of re-building to get back to where you were.

Sometimes, however, there is just no choice. If the funds don't exist, the funds don't exist, and all the wishing in the world is not likely to make it so...

...so if you don't see me on the usual circuit for awhile, don't forget about me. I'm plotting a way back...  And who knows--maybe a miracle will happen along the way, and by February, when my season of cons starts, everything will be coming up Roses...

(don't take me off the rosters yet, guys...)


Aug. 20th, 2009 04:43 am (UTC)
Already told him...
...too late to cancel FenCon even if it doesn't work out for me to go anywhere next year -- and I haven't given up on next year yet... -- I'll be at FenCon. Wouldn't miss Paul Cornell for the world!

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