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RieViews -- New Blood

I knew it was too good to last....missed posting yesterday, but here's the review I promised of Gail Dayton's NEW BLOOD from Tor.

I first heard Gail read from this book at last year's ApolloCon, so I had been on the lookout for it. When I saw it this year I snapped it up at once.

This is fantasy at its best, grabbing you and pulling you into a world lush and detailed. It is an alternate history, set in the 1860's in Europe. But it is a world filled with magic -- alchemy, wizardry, conjury...and the long-lost sorcery. All magicians in this new world are male. At least until Jax Grayson, blood servant bound to the long-dead Yvaine -- last blood sorceress -- finds her successor in Amanusa Whitcomb.

Amanusa has been living a quiet life in the wilds of Transylvania, tending to the healing of a band of outlaws through no choice of her own, afraid to work even her simple charms for fear of the Inquisition. Jax offers her a vision of a new world...with magic beyond her wildest dreams.

There is a hint of steampunk to the world; a dash of adventure; a wealth of fantasy; and a wonderful romance that most can only dream of. And a Crow. I'm always partial to a story with a Crow. :)

I know I am gushing, but it is truly a marvelous book. The characters are multi-dimensional and well-rounded. The plot carries you along like a flowing stream. The settings are vividly drawn and detailed. There is a lot of blood in places, but not gratuitous or gory.

I don't want to get too detailed -- every reader should have the opportunity to experience the story first hand -- but I will say that I found twists and turns and surprises all through the story. I would think I had something figured out completely, and I would be wrong.

I have only one problem with this book. I finished it.

I am hoping that there is a sequel, and very soon. I will be watching for it.

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