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Well, I promised a report. So here it is...

I had stayed up WAY too late the night before the convention, so I was a bit groggy getting into College Station, but managed to find the hotel before my first panel -- though not before the one I would have crashed if I had been there...

The panel was on YA, and what made it fun to write, why we wrote it, what restrictions (if any) there were, etc. I got to be with Bev Hale and Kathy Kimbriel, so that was really a lot of fun.

The highlight of Friday for me was my reading -- I only had one person show up, but I read him the first chapter of my current WIP, which releatively few people have seen, and he enjoyed it, which was a good sign. Then, since he was so good, I read him "Zombie Invaders from Mars, or Someplace Like That" from my Tales from the Home for Wayward Spirits and Bar-B-Que Grill chapbook, and he laughed harder than anyone ever had at that story, and it usually is extremely well received. He even came and bought a copy of the chapbook Saturday, so I was happy.

Then I had a fun panel on Kissing Cousins: Faeries and Vampires -- why they are so popular, how they have changed in literature over the years, etc. This panel was particularly fun for me because I got to be on a panel with my friend Mark Worrell who I only see at AggieCon.

Saturday was mostly Dealer's Room, and I had kind of forgotten that that can be fun too. I haven't had a table actually in the Dealer's Room in a long time. May start doing that more again...

I did have a good panel on Pushed to the Back -- why Science Fiction and other speculative genres are so often in the rear of the book stores, and is this good or bad. We basically decided it was because the staples are always in the back -- check any grocery store -- they make you walk past other stuff you might buy to get to the stuff you need.

Later I had a wonderful panel on world-building, and then Gloria Oliver and I snuck out for Red Lobster. Heaven. :)

Sunday things were going so well in the Dealer's Room I actually forgot I had a panel...guess old age is creeping up on me. There were six people on the panel though, so I doubt anyone but me really noticed, but I felt terrible and apologized to anyone who would stand still long enough...lol

Why was I having such a good time in the Dealer's Room? Well, for one thing, I actually had several sales, which made my weekend, but more importantly, I got to chat off and on with James O'Barr, whose work is one of those things that I can literally say changed my life and set it on a different path. That doesn't happen too often in life.

That's enough for now. Maybe I will expand later.


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