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...been a long time between posts again. I really need to get better at that, but I am zipping around doing so much stuff these days, I forget to blog...

Let's see. Made a vow on Monday -- not sure how long it will last, and I MAY amend it to exclude weekends... -- but I vowed to submit something somewhere every day. Doesn't have to be a big thing. Just has to be a piece of writing. At this point (and I know there are some of my friends who are going to smack me for this) it doesn't necessarily even have to pay me anything. It just has to go out of my house.

So far, I've got a pending contract on an erotica piece for my alter ego when the anthology fills up and an acknowledgment that a piece of poetry got to its destination. Not too shabby. In a week.

Got an email from a friend about marketing tips today, and he pointed his readers toward Technorati to keep track of who might be mentioning you where. It's an interesting site. Found out that a 16 year old girl in Italy has one of my poems posted on her blog. It gives me credit, but I am torn on what to do about the fact that she didn't ask me first...is it worth joining myspace (which I have been avoiding) to point this out...?

Anyway, that's about it -- aside from the fact that I have been devouring Donna Andrews' Meg Langslow series for the past few weeks, and recommend that anyone who loves mystery do the same. :) Most fun I've had in a long time reading a book.

I'll try not to be such a stranger --

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