riesheridan (riesheridanrose) wrote,


...over a month between posts again.

Well, it's been busy. Been writing a great deal of poetry...but only for a new site I became addicted to, and not for the publications I should be sending to...

My new obsession is http://www.writerscafe.org, which is a fun community site with a lot of ego stroking. I think I will at least get a new poetry chapbook from the experience, and I wrote a one-paragraph piece for a contest that I think will wind up becoming something bigger and potentially publishable.

SoonerCon was lovely. I enjoyed the time spent at bevhale's house. It was great. Except for twisting my knee on Saturday morning. I was very pumped up having my new YardDog chapbook out, and pushed it with over-zealous enthusiasm -- but we did sell 25 books between the two volumes.

Looking forward to my novel Sidhe Moved Through the Faire coming out next month. It got pushed back a tad, but I have a signing on the 14th of July, and I have been promised it will be ready.

This weekend will be in Houston for ApolloCon. Say hi if you are there!
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