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Whew....Back at Last....

The last year or so has been a huge void. But I am going to change all that. I have made a new resolution. I went to FenCon last weekend, and I was inspired to get back into the swing of things. Yesterday, I got two freelance articles turned in and FINALLY set up the poetry volume I have been planning for over a year on Lulu. I ordered a copy last night, and if it looks good, then that will be available soon.

One problem I am having -- and I hope that the people who can help see this...! I wanted to friend some people, and I can't figure out how to find them if you don't already have their user name. Is there a way?

I will try to get a better FenCon report up soon, but there is a great deal to be done this week. Moving my office from one floor of the house to another; finishing those freelance articles; and jonesing to get some work done...

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