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Gotta Love Them...

Every so often, I get that clarion call that no kitty mother wants to hear...the "Look what I found, Mom!" call. I was sitting here at my desk when all of a sudden Luther started yelling from downstairs. Now, I have come to recognize that call as the announcement of a new catch...so I went down a bit cautiously. There is a chest at the corner of the living room that was blocking the sight line from the stairs, so I stepped forward -- and he was sitting beside a coiled snake about 18" to 2' long. Now, I am pretty sure it was a water snake, but it was still not what you want to see in the living room. I grabbed the broom and tried to sweep it out of the house, but it got caught on the doorsill and slithered away from me behind a bookcase. UNacceptable. No way that thing was going to stay in my house. So I took the handle off the broom -- it was one of those big floor-sweeping push brooms -- and played snake handler, finally getting under a loop of it...and tossing it 20' in the air and 40' into the front yard. Hopefully, it will slink on out of the area before Luther figures out where it went and brings it back. Ever have one of those days...?

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