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Been a Few Days...

...which I swore it wouldn't be this time, but time got away from me again. I've been goofing off mostly, on the highly addictive Puzzle Pirates, but I got the final proof of my poetry collection yesterday, and it looks smashing. It is available on Lulu now. Still a little unsure of the final price. It is high, but it is poetry, which is often higher in percentage than some other genres...and over half of the price goes for production costs...and I am planning to sell them cheaper in person...but I am still torn. Of course, checking on the prices of other poetry books on the site, it looks quite reasonable...

I do think that Lulu is a great solution for poetry publication. I am not sure I would do anything else through them, though I am toying with it...but poetry is hard to sell to a publisher, and this gives you a chance to get the content out there without resorting to the local Kinko's like I have always done before. Instead, I have a beautiful, perfect bound volume with heavy weight cream paper that looks extremely professional. I like it....


Oct. 21st, 2008 11:01 pm (UTC)
There are other things to do through Lulu - family histories, family cookbooks, calendars with family and family pets on them, and very small niche market books.

But - if you think your book will appeal to a much wider audience, you are really much better off at least trying to go traditional.

Plus, if you've built up a loyal readership and your traditional publisher won't publish the last book of a series for any of a variety of reasons, nor will other traditional publishers pick up the last of a series if they can't get the rights to the earlier books, Lulu is a good way to finish off a series for your loyal fans.

Oct. 22nd, 2008 12:10 am (UTC)
Poetry is always a niche market. Few publishers will touch it. I really enjoy the freedom of authority over my poetry collections, but I've never been terribly satisfied with the quality. This came out looking like a "real book" :)

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