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NaNoWriMo Progress

I was running WAY behind going into today:

Saturday (interrupted by Sweeney Todd in the afternoon) 1442 words
Sunday (distracted by research) 407 words (yikes!)
Monday (making up some of the lost time) 2154 (whoohoo!)

Technically, to be on schedule, I should be at 5001 words, but I am happy with the 4003 I have after yesterday's abysmal output. And who knows, I might even do some more tonight. I haven't been this stoked about a project in a long time.

I almost caught up today. Tomorrow, I may be able to get fully back on track. My project is really exciting to me. I am writing a YA fantasy set on the Titanic. Getting to combine some of my favorite things into one project -- magic and myth... :)

Will be updating as my word count changes.

EDIT: Going to keep adjusting this one page instead of forming new entries all the time. :)

Tuesday, Nov. 4 -- 1266 (still behind, but good work.)
Weds. Nov. 5 -- 1928 (catching up) -- total at 7201/8335 -- not insurmountable by any means.
Thurs. Nov 6 -- 664 (errands all day :P)  7865/10002 -- need to work hard this weekend...
Fri. Nov. 7 -- 1805 (caught up a bit!) 9666/11669 -- 2003 words behind pace...
Sat. 11/8 -- 1755 (a little forward) 11421/13336 -- 1915 behind
Sun 11/9 -- 112 (/sob -- darn hubby's cold!)
Mon 11/10 -- 287 (he did it...gave it to me...hope I get well soon, or I'll never catch up...)


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Nov. 4th, 2008 06:39 am (UTC)

I'm pathetically behind. Two things to write (one homework, one article), one due yesterday and one tomorrow and I can't focus on them. They're about 1/3 done.
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